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Will Google Ban The Content Farms

Signs Are Pointing To A Change In The Way Some Websites Are Treated

So, a big week for search engine news and a big week if you're a content aggregator, content farm or article marketer. Google implies that it will target content farms and may even treat them as spam in the future. Also Blekko the smaller niche search engine removes upwards of twenty major content farm sites from its results.

What does this mean for you ?

Well not to much at this point, after all Blekko is still a small search engine and its decisions are not likely to effect a websites traffic greatly. Google on the other hand is a different matter. Many webmasters and search optimizers use these so called content farms as a source of traffic and more importantly a source of inbound links. A change to the Google algorithm either dropping specific sites or reducing there ranking power will have many long reaching effect for some webmasters.

It is unlikely in my opinion that entire websites will be removed from the Google search engine. More likely as we have seen in the past they will simply hit suspected farm pages and farm sites with penalties there by push them back down the results pages. Either way article marketing as it is most often used today is likely to change significantly in the future if not disappear altogether.

What is a content farm ?

Well if you ask Blekko they clearly know what they like and what they do not. They have removed twenty or so websites from their new search engine completely. The effected sites at the time of writing include

Its a sorry looking list to be fair but gives us a good idea about what sort of websites may be at risk. I did pop over to Blekko I decided to search for a few of the supposedly higher quality content farms by name. Strangely Ezine did not appear, has it to been thrown on the content farm scrap heap?

Is Ezine a content farm ?

Well... In a word yes in that it serves up often low quality or incomplete content. Written mostly by people with no objective other than to market something of their own or link back to their own website, on pages filled with many ads.

As you may be able to tell my opinion of sites like Ezine is not great, personally I think they encourage content theft and carry very little informative info.

Not a great loss at any rate but I guess that depends on your view point, let me know what you think.

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