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Whats Google Not Telling You

What Is The Search Engine That We All Know And Love Not Saying

We all know them and we all love them (well most of the time anyway) its the Google Search Engine.

For years webmasters and web developers have hung on every word the Google team say. Hoping for the knowledge that is going to propel their website from the wastelands of page 87 straight on to page 1.

We've all been there at some point, you follow Googles guidelines to the letter, you listen to Matt Cutt talk about spam, and you spends hours creating quality unique content and still, nothing...

If You Build It They Will Come

One of Googles favourite lines goes something like this...

A site with great content that offers value to users and the internet will often naturally acquire links from other sites. Continually adding unique content to a sites also attract natural links.

This is basically saying that if you write quality and informative content you will attract readers and there fore inbound links.

It all sounds great and maybe once upon a time it was true but those days are long gone. Of course you do need quality content, in fact without it you are destined to fail. The point is that the simple act of writing and publishing an awesome article or tutorial is no longer enough to get you noticed. When your unnoticed it does not matter how high the quality of your content is, if people never see it they are not going to link to it.

My advice is to totally disregard this statement as it only really applies to web sites that are already established and benefit from a reasonable sized user base.

What you really need is to give your site a little push in the right direction, just enough to get on the radar. Then assuming your content is well written and useful you will start to attract some inbound links.

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