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Are You A Pagerank Junkie

Spending More Time Checking Your Webmaster Stats Than Building Your Site

What is it with us webmasters and our pagerank, is it really that important for a website? In this humble writers opinion not really!

Which would you rather have a high pagerank or high page views because believe me they are not the same thing. Of course page rank is a factor in the search engine algorithms and by definition contributes to the position a website occupies in SERPs, it is not however the only factor.

More importantly the amount of time we webmasters must spend trying to increase our pagerank through unnatural methods, link exchanges for example. You only have to drop in on most web development forums to see the number of posts relating to page rank and how to increase it. Its like pagerank has become the semi addictive drug of choice for us webmasters and designers. Surly it would be more effective if we focused our efforts on other SEO techniques and descent content.

And whats with the Google tool bar pagerank, that thing doesn't seem to have been updated for a lifetime. If your not going to Keep it up to date guys just remove it, it leaves new sites at a massive disadvantage and web designers explaining to clients why their sites are still un-rated.

Anyway with that in mind over the next few weeks and months I will be revealing on this blog some of the other ways in which a webmaster can improve his relationship with search engines. All of which will not focus on pagerank and in my opinion are much simpler, quicker and often lead to a better all round website anyway.

Until then, keep on knocking out those directory listings.

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