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5 Alternative Search Engines You Should Get To Know

Check Out Five Up And Coming Independent Search Engines

Google, Bing and Yahoo get a lot of attention as the English speaking worlds top search engines. Over 90% of searches done online are currently being provided by the big three, either directly or through use of one of their databases. Not that this is a bad thing in itself I mean the results on the whole for most search terms are great. The issue is that its gives too much power over to just a few companies.

With that in mind here is my compilation of some of the lesser known search engines that perhaps deserve a little more attention. Who knows, some day one of these may be the number one search engine on the planet. search engine visitors

Duckduckgo is a mid sized engine with approximately 5 mill searches per month. They provide result based upon their own search bot but also integrating them with some of the larger engines, specifically Bing. Provide instant information boxes at the top of search results which appear when relevant topical information can be found. search engine visitors

Blekko is a relatively new addition to the search engine world but as you can see from the stats above they are making great head way. Their success may be down to some of their more unique features. Slashtags give users a simple way to effectively limit results to specific types /news, /gossip, /date for example. Also since there inception Blekko have always had a strict policy on content quality and sites that do not reach a particular level are simply banned. In fact, there are a few well known sites which do not feature at all in Blekko results. search engine visitors

Ixquick uses meta searching to classify pages but its rankings are based on a simple star rating system 0-5. The number of stars a pages is awarded is calculated based on the number of times the page is returned within the tope top results of other search engines. I.e. 3 stars means three of the search engines which ixquick monitors returned the pages within the top ten. In addition ixquick maintains very strict standards on privacy. In fact, they state they are "the worlds most private search engine" and will not record your IP address or search history. search engine visitors

A fair sized search engine and one of the few that still generate their results solely in house from the own spiders. Gigablast categorizes web pages base on entries found within the dmoz directory although it is not a necessity to be included in dmoz. Also marketed as an environmentally friendly search engine which uses wind energy as 90% of its consumption as apposed to coal. A move away from dmoz would in my opinion benefit this search engine. search engine visitors

Much smaller in size than the others on this list but an interesting take on searching none the less. The basic principle is to categorize a web page into a group or niche and to expand on the group within the context of the search. Yebol returns results from all media areas at the same time so news, video, images and more can all appear within the same page. Yebol also appears to take into account each media type when returning result. The technology behind Yebol seems a little young and un polished but I think the concept is interesting and worth a look.


This list is by no means exhaustive, I'm sure there are many deserving search engines out there these are just my pick. If you know of an independent English search engine not on this list and want to let people know leave a comment below and I'll take a look.

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