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An Introduction To HTML

Hypertext Markup Language The Basics.

Welcome to the first of the Base Webmaster HTML tutorials, we will be starting with the absolute basics in HTML principles and building on them. No HTML experience is necessary to follow these tutorials simply start at the beginning and follow them through, alternativly if you feel that you are beyond the level of these tutorials and wish to learn more about HTML check the article section to the right for more interesting tutorials.

Hypertext markup language or HTML as it is better known is the fundamental building block of any web page and as such if you wish to create you own we page or even to just understand others it is vital to have a good knowlege of HTML. It can be thought of as the foundations of a web page, everything else is just frills and decoration to make the page more appealing to the users and help with functionality.

Is HTML Difficult To Learn

Fortunatley HTML is not a difficult language to learn or use and within the next few tutorials you will be writing basic web pages confidently.

A Brief History Of HTML

HTML in its earliest form has been around since the start of the nineties, it was initally used to share information and research between scientists on a global scale. This was only a very simple form of the language but the potential was obvious to all even at this early stage. By the mid nineties HTML had really taken shape and althought extra functionality has been added and removed over the years the core HTML ideas still remain today.

What Experience Do I Need

Over the following tutorials we will be looking at all aspects of HTML web design on todays world wide web, we will be using worked examples and sample code where approprate. Also we will be starting at the very beginning so experience in HTML or any other language should not be needed. No style information will be added at this point to keep the code as simple as possible, fortunatly web browsers like internet explorer and firefox have default styling for HTML wich will be more that adequate for our purposes.

What You Will Need To Write HTML

To write HTML you do not need any special software programmes, simply a text editor like Windows Notepad which you will find pre installed on most if not all windows operating systems. You will also need access to a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox which you will use to view your work.

Do I Need A Website Or Web Host

You do not require an active internet connection, a registered domain name or a web hosting package at this point as you will be able to view you work locally i.e. on your personal computer. You will however require time, HTML is not a difficult language to learn but depending on your prior experience of writing computer code there may be a definate learning curve to it.

Okay thats enough of an introduction, the best way to learn HTML is by using it so let do just that. Click on the next article button below to move onto the next article and we can begin.

Tools, Resources And Links

  1. The History Of HTML - Walt Howe takes a more comprehensive and detailed look at the history and necessity that brought about the world wide web.
  2. Bablepad - Basic text editor, similar to notepad but better suited to writing web pages and scripts.
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